The Sun Breaks Through

I feel the sunshine touch my skin as it warms me ever so gently. This cloudless day reminds me that the sun always breaks through. Even when the clouds act as a blanket covering the sky, the sun is still there, hiding behind the darkness, ready to show itself. 

It reminds me that even in the darkest days, the sun doesn’t run from the darkness. It holds its place firmly. Never wavering. Never thrown off by the clouds. The sun doesn’t feel overpowered or overwhelmed. It’s not surprised by the rain. 

But when the sun does get its moment to break through, it comes through with force. It stakes its claim in the sky. It reminds the clouds that, unlike them, it’s here to stay. The sun doesn’t come and go like the rain. Although the rain and the thunder take over at times, they’re temporary. 

The sun, however, always endures. It’s not frightened by the temporary roar of the thunder. The rain and the thunder, although strong and powerful, will never threaten the sun. They can’t overpower it’s flame. It’s constant. And it burns with a brightness that can never be extinguished. No matter how dark the storm. 

Although the darkness of life seems to be overwhelming at times, Jesus is still there, shining ever so brightly. Staking his claim. Ready to break through with force. The storm may be strong and powerful, but it’s temporary. It can’t stake its claim. 

But Jesus is constant. He doesn’t run from the darkness. He holds his place firmly. Never wavering. Never thrown off. He’s never overpowered or overwhelmed. He’s not surprised by the rain. 

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